How Should I Prepare For My Labiaplasty Procedure?

Congratulations! You’ve done your homework, read reviews of different surgeons and practices, and you’ve chosen ALVR for your labiaplasty procedure (if you did your research right, that is…). You’ve visited our office for your free consultation, met Dr. Shashua, and […]

02/11/2021  | 


Vaginoplasty: The Less Famous ‘Plasty’ That You Shouldn’t Overlook

While vaginoplasty doesn’t have quite as glamorous of a reputation as labiaplasty (sometimes referred to as a “Barbie vagina”, “designer vagina”, or even a “nymphoplasty”), it is arguably one of the most beneficial procedures when it comes to improving a […]

02/05/2021  | 


Help! I Hate The Way My “FUPA” Looks In Yoga Pants

If you have spent any amount of time researching vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty you may already be familiar with the term “barbie vagina,” as the phrase has become a popular nickname for describing the appearance of a vagina after undergoing […]

01/28/2021  | 


Clitoropexy vs Clitoral Hood Reduction: Know The Difference

At ALVR, we offer a range of treatments and procedures that address a variety of vaginal conditions and concerns. We understand that pelvic anatomy and terminology can seem a little intimidating to many people, which is why we take extra […]

01/20/2021  | 


OK, I Give Up: What Is The Deal With “Barbie Vaginas”?

Maybe you’ve seen the term “Barbie vagina” floating around recently and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about… did Barbie accidentally post a nude to her Instagram story or something? Rest your worried mind: Barbie isn’t involved in any […]

01/13/2021  | 


What does a Barbie Vagina before and after look like?

For most of us, the words “Barbie vagina” bring to mind a clear mental picture. Barbie is famous for two things: her impressive resume of careers and having nothing downstairs. But the goal of a Barbie vagina surgery (also known […]

11/23/2020  | 


Are There Medical Benefits to a Barbie Vagina?

Labiaplasty has gone mainstream, becoming a favorite topic of women’s health and lifestyle blogs. But online articles are only as good as their eye-catching titles, so you may have noticed labiaplasty write-ups using the buzz phrase, “Barbie vagina” (we’ve also […]

08/17/2020  | 


What is a “Barbie Vagina”?

It sounds like an oxymoron. Anyone who has seen an undressed Barbie knows she is, traditionally, anatomically lacking in this area. And that’s the point. Every woman’s vagina is unique in its own way.  The labia majora and labia minora […]

07/10/2020  | 


Why We Do Inpatient Versus Outpatient Labiaplasties

If there is the option to decrease costs and increase comfortability for a medical procedure, why choose anything else! At Austin Urogynecology, we typically perform our labiaplasty procedures outpatient (in the office) rather than inpatient (at the hospital). There are […]

06/30/2020  | 


New Before & After Animations – See the Difference

We have tons of before and after photos for our labiaplasty, labia majora reduction, and monsplasty procedures, which help anyone interested in the surgeries to know what to expect. On top of that, we just added new narrated animations that […]

06/21/2020  | 


Healing After Labiaplasty – What to Expect

Here we explain how long it takes for labiaplasty to heal, what it’ll look like, and what to expect after labia surgery. Here’s a transcript of the video: Hi, my name is Kristin Longshore. I’m one of the nurse practitioners […]

05/15/2020  | 


What should healing after labiaplasty look like?

Many women decide to get labiaplasty procedures for differing reasons. Sometimes it’s due to discomfort and sometimes it just because they don’t like the appearance. Regardless of the reason why, everyone wants an ideal outcome after surgery. So how do […]

04/30/2020  | 

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