Help! I Hate The Way My “FUPA” Looks In Yoga Pants

If you have spent any amount of time researching vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty you may already be familiar with the term “barbie vagina,” as the phrase has become a popular nickname for describing the appearance of a vagina after undergoing […]

01/28/2021  | 


What to Expect After Vaginal Delivery

Expectant mothers have a lot to look forward to and plenty to learn, so we thought we’d give a rundown on our area of expertise: the female pelvic anatomy. Here’s what to look out for after vaginal birth. Transcription: EN: […]

09/04/2020  | 


Restore Your Pre-Pregnancy Confidence

Many changes occur within the female body after childbirth. Some women experience changes in the appearance of the vagina and some may notice decreased sensation during intercourse. At Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation we are able to address changes that […]

09/02/2017  | 


Pregnancy after Labiaplasty

The labia will always swell during pregnancy. However, in patients who are pregnant and have undergone labiaplasty, the swelling is limited because of the reduced labial skin present. For this reason, pregnancy has a very minimal impact on the appearance […]

10/31/2013  | 

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