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How Soon Can I Shower After Labiaplasty?

We get questions about showering and bathing after labiaplasty all the time. Is it OK to wash off after my labiaplasty? When can I start swimming? The guidelines are pretty straightforward.     √ You can shower the same day […]

11/15/2019  | 


5 Reasons to Schedule Labiaplasty Surgery

Many women spend years thinking about and researching labiaplasty surgery. Some girls start to notice longer labia at a young age, after starting puberty. It can be difficult to talk with parents about such a sensitive subject. Many girls eventually […]

10/19/2019  | 


Swelling and Numbness After Labiaplasty

Common post op questions regarding labiaplasty procedure include how much swelling can one expect and how much swelling is normal? Swelling after labiaplasty procedure is common, and is expected to some degree. Every patient is different, and as such, will […]

09/19/2016  | 


Office Labiaplasty Procedure

There are several factors to consider when performing an office Labiaplasty: The most important part of the process is communication between the patient and Dr. Shashoua. Each patient has her own idea of the ideal labial skin appearance. In order […]

09/07/2016  | 


What is the Recovery Time for Labiaplasty Surgery?

Recovery time following labiaplasty or labia reduction ranges from a few days to one week. This is the amount of time patients usually take pain medication following the procedure and will need to take off from work or avoid driving. At the […]

04/29/2015  | 


Superficial Skin Separation Following Labiaplasty

The labiaplasty procedure is done to remove excess labial tissue. Dissolvable sutures are used to close the edges of the labia after labial reduction is performed. Patients are advised vaginal rest (avoiding intercourse) for a few weeks following surgery to […]

01/16/2015  | 


Why blog about your ALVR experience?

A blog is simply an informal post or journal written by an individual and posted on the internet. At Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation, we ask all of our patients to take a few minutes to blog or review their […]

04/09/2014  | 


Post-Op Care of the Labiaplasty Incision

Keeping the incision site clean and dry after labiaplasty is vital to a swift recovery. Detailed instructions are provided pre-operatively to ensure patients know how to perform vulvar hygiene post-operatively. We recommend rinsing with water after voiding and blotting dry. […]

12/03/2013  | 


Pregnancy after Labiaplasty

The labia will always swell during pregnancy. However, in patients who are pregnant and have undergone labiaplasty, the swelling is limited because of the reduced labial skin present. For this reason, pregnancy has a very minimal impact on the appearance […]

10/31/2013  | 

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