What does a Barbie Vagina before and after look like?

Posted by ALVR | November 23, 2020

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For most of us, the words “Barbie vagina” bring to mind a clear mental picture. Barbie is famous for two things: her impressive resume of careers and having nothing downstairs. But the goal of a Barbie vagina surgery (also known as “bagina surgery” or “designer vagina”), is not to have nothing down there, it’s to have less of something. Specifically, labial tissue. 

Excessive labial tissue can cause discomfort during sex or while working out. Then there’s the embarrassment of wearing tight-fitting clothing. That’s right, the dreaded *cringe* camel toe. 

So, if someone is considering a Barbie vagina, what does their vagina typically look like before the surgery? 

You can view a gallery of labiaplasty before and after pictures by clicking here. More often than not, patients seek a Barbie vagina because they have either an enlarged labia majora, enlarged labia minora, or both. An enlarged labia majora is characterized by the outer labia appearing puffy, mound-shaped, or droopy. With an enlarged labia minora, the inner labia protrudes or hangs out from the outer lips.



What does an ideal Barbie vagina look like post-surgery?

That depends on personal preference. The ALVR team always strives to achieve the look each patient wants from their procedure, but in general a post-surgery Barbie vagina features a labia majora that is smooth instead of puffy and a labia minora that does not protrude outside the outer lips. And with a Barbie vagina, when wearing tight-fitting clothing, the garment lies flat against the region. Goodbye, camel toe.

Check out this video on labiaplasty before and after:

And this video on labia majora reduction:

At ALVR, Dr. Shashoua and his team have decades of experience giving patients the look they want while retaining a healthy amount of labial tissue (for proof, check out his reviews on RealSelf). And post-surgery, Dr. Shashoua is always available to address issues or concerns.

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