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The hymen is the natural piece of tissue present at the opening of the vagina that can break from intercourse or other non-sexual activities. After it has been broken, some women may wish that it had not been. The procedure for restoring the hymen is called Hymenoplasty.


Hymen reconstruction surgery, or hymenoplasty, is often sought out by individuals seeking to regain something that they feel as though they lost upon the “breaking” of their hymen. A torn or stretched hymen can occur from a number of non-sexual activities, and sexual activity does not always result in damage to the hymen, but some women may wish to repair or reconstruct their hymen for social, cultural, or psychological reasons.

For example, for women whose hymens were damaged in an act of sexual assault restoring the membrane is sometimes seen as a way to heal, to reclaim something that was taken from them so that they have the opportunity to give it away, symbolically, on their own terms. Regardless of a patient’s reason for wanting a hymenoplasty, the team at Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Hymenoplasty Procedure: What to Expect

Hymenoplasty is a simple procedure that takes about one hour and is completed at our office. The procedure begins with the patient taking some oral medication to help them relax. This medication can cause some disorientation, so patients will need a friend or family member to bring them to/from their visit. We then thoroughly clean the vaginal tissue with an antiseptic solution.

After cleaning the area, we inject the tissue with a numbing agent so that nothing is felt during the procedure (this injection can sting initially, however). The hymenal remnants are located and sutured together to restore the integrity of the hymen. There may be some mild discomfort post-surgery that requires a mild narcotic or over the counter pain relievers.

Following the procedure, we typically suggest that patients take a few days off from work to allow for healing and recovery as well as 6 weeks of vaginal rest (nothing inside the vagina) post-operatively – otherwise activity restrictions are minimal. Our office follows up with patients for a period of 12 weeks to confirm that recovery is going smoothly.

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