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What Kind of Vagina Is Considered “Normal”?

What first formed your standard for what a “normal” vagina looks like? For many people, it was modern pornography, a band camp dare, or comments from a romantic partner. “Innie vaginas” make up what many consider to be the standard: vulvas […]

05/25/2023  | 


Do I Have an “Innie” or an “Outie” Vagina?

It’s pretty easy to tell whether or not you have an “innie” or an “outie” belly button, but how would you know if you have an innie or an outie vagina? It all comes down to your vulva, and more […]

04/19/2023  | 


Is It Worth Traveling To Austin For a Labiaplasty?

It’s common for us to see patients from all over the country for a labiaplasty. Not only is ALVR a nationally-ranked urogynecology office, but our hometown of Austin, Texas is an extremely popular vacation spot. In fact, we’ve dubbed traveling here […]

03/30/2023  | 


Does Clitoral Glans Reduction Reduce Sensitivity?

Clitoral glans reduction is a procedure that addresses clitoromegaly, a condition where the clitoris becomes enlarged. Clitoromegaly occurs when a woman has excess testosterone as a result of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or a medical condition. For instance, women with […]

03/22/2023  | 


How Big Can A Clitoris Get And What Is A “Normal” Size?

Clitoromegaly is when a woman has an enlarged clitoris. While it’s possible to be born with an enlarged clitoris, some women develop clitoromegaly later in life due to hormonal imbalances or testosterone therapy. This raises the question: what’s a “normal” […]

02/28/2023  | 


What’s The Difference Between Clitoropexy, Clitoral Glans Reduction, And Clitoral Hood Reduction?

Clitoromegaly – enlargement of the clitoris – is an increasingly common condition, partly because more women are seeking out testosterone therapy to address hormonal imbalances. The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) are overwhelmingly positive, however there is a slight […]

02/20/2023  | 


Why Does My Clitoris Look Like A Penis?

Ever wondered if your clitoris was “too big”? Or, why your clitoris looks kinda…phallic? You’re in the right place: One condition that we treat at ALVR is an enlarged clitoris, also called clitoromegaly. This refers to an enlarged clitoral hood […]

02/15/2023  | 


Is Vaginal Rejuvenation Permanent?

One question we’ll often hear from patients interested in vaginal rejuvenation is: how long do the effects last? The answer comes down to the type of vaginal rejuvenation you opt for, with surgical vaginal rejuvenation (also known as vaginoplasty) offering […]

01/31/2023  | 


What Am I Signing Up For With Vaginoplasty?

At Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation, we offer vaginoplasty as a surgical form of vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation encompasses both laser and surgical treatments intended to restore the look and feel of your vagina. Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation surgery tightens […]

01/27/2023  | 


Are Vaginal Tightening Creams Technically Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal laxity is an incredibly common – if not inevitable – condition that impacts women for a variety of reasons, such as childbirth, aging, and genetics. While vaginal looseness might be easy to write off as a benign issue, it […]

12/21/2022  | 


Will Testosterone Replacement Therapy Enlarge My Clitoris?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can offer a range of benefits to women suffering from low testosterone, and there are more effective options on the market than ever before. In the past, hormone therapy relied primarily on synthetic hormones, but now […]

12/13/2022  | 


How Much Does Vaginal Rejuvenation Cost?

Between age, genetics, and childbirth, it’s only natural for your vagina to change over time. The stretching and relaxing of the vagina and perineum is common, and unfortunately it can impact how things look and feel down there. Vaginal looseness […]

11/18/2022  | 

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