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    How is Testosterone Linked to an Enlarged Clitoris?

    Any change to your body can be alarming. Web MD has taught us nothing if not that everything that isn’t “normal” about your health is potentially fatal. But it’s particularly concerning if you notice a change to an area you […]

    10/15/2020  | 


    What to Expect After Vaginal Delivery

    Expectant mothers have a lot to look forward to and plenty to learn, so we thought we’d give a rundown on our area of expertise: the female pelvic anatomy. Here’s what to look out for after vaginal birth. Transcription: EN: […]

    09/04/2020  | 


    Are There Medical Benefits to a Barbie Vagina?

    Labiaplasty has gone mainstream, becoming a favorite topic of women’s health and lifestyle blogs. But online articles are only as good as their eye-catching titles, so you may have noticed labiaplasty write-ups using the buzz phrase, “Barbie vagina”.   The term […]

    08/17/2020  | 


    Labia Majora Reduction – New Before & After Animations

    In order to get a better sense of what the labia majora reduction achieves, we developed two new before and after animations to illustrate just that. Underside View Transcription: EN: In this animation we see an enlarged labia majora outlined […]

    07/21/2020  | 


    Women’s Health – Let’s Talk About It!

    Women usually have no problem openly discussing back pain, a nagging cough, or a headache with friends. But when it comes to vaginal issues, many women agree it’s usually a different––private––story. It is much more challenging to ask your friends […]

    07/20/2020  | 


    What are the Differences Between Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation and ThermiVa?

    Vaginal rejuvenation technologies are an exciting development for women and providers alike! However, each treatment technology presents different advantages and disadvantages, and understanding these differences is an important part of choosing the right procedure for you.  ThermiVa uses radiofrequency to […]

    07/20/2020  | 

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