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What Are “Innie” And “Outie” Vaginas?

Innie Vs. Outie Vagina: What’s the Difference? When you were younger, you might have compared belly buttons with your friends to see who had an “outie” or an “innie,” but did you know that you can also have an “outie” […]

11/30/2023  | 


Why Is My Clitoris Enlarged And What Can I Do About It?

If you have recently noticed that your clitoris is consistently larger than it used to be, don’t panic. While there are some serious conditions that can lead to prolonged enlargement of the clitoris, more often than not it is a […]

11/30/2023  | 


What is the Difference between Labia Reduction and Labiaplasty?

Labia Reduction and Labiaplasty: What’s the Difference? Some women find that an enlarged labia and excessive tissue can cause discomfort during exercise, sex, and day-to-day activities. Some women also find that protruding labia minora, labia majora, and a bulging mons […]

11/29/2023  | 


Everything You Need To Know About Hymenal Remnants

  If you’re like most people, at some point in your life you’ve probably noticed something about your body and wondered, “Is this normal?” Maybe it was a funny looking mole or a bump on your skin. Maybe it was […]

11/25/2023  | 


What Does A Barbie Vagina Before And After Look Like?

“Barbie Vagina.” It sounds like an oxymoron. Anyone who has seen an undressed Barbie knows she is, traditionally, anatomically lacking in this area. And that’s the point. Every woman’s vagina is unique in its own way.  The labia majora and […]

11/13/2023  | 


How Long Do I Have To Wait To Have Sex After Vaginoplasty?

Sex After Vaginoplasty: What’s the Verdict? Considering that one of the biggest benefits of vaginal rejuvenation is increased pleasure during intercourse, you might be wondering how long you have to wait after the treatment to have sex. In order for […]

11/02/2023  | 


Will Testosterone Enlarge My Clitoris After Hormone Therapy?

Enlargement of Clitoris After Hormone Therapy Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can offer a range of benefits to women suffering from low testosterone, and there are more effective options on the market than ever before. In the past, hormone therapy relied […]

11/02/2023  | 


What are Hymenal Remnants?

So what exactly are hymenal remnants? The hymen is a natural area of tissue that is present at the opening of the vaginal canal in women. It is normally broken during loss of virginity, use of tampons or masturbation. Often, […]

10/30/2023  | 


The 411 on Thermiva

Vaginal laxity can be caused by a variety of different factors, and the passing of Father time, a weak pelvic floor, and childbirth are chief among them. In some cases vaginal laxity can affect the appearance of the vagina, and […]

10/17/2023  | 


Innie vs Outtie Vaginas

We’ve all heard of the innie and outie belly button debate. But now, that familiar terminology has drifted over to another part of the anatomy: the vagina. Some women may be born with “innie” vaginas, or less present labia minora, […]

10/12/2023  | 


Does a Monsplasty Get Rid of the FUPA?

What the F is a FUPA?  The FUPA. We’ve all heard the term at some point in our lives. If you aren’t privy to the meaning, we’ll fill you in. FUPA or “fat upper pubic area” is a collection of […]

10/03/2023  | 


Why Do We Perform Labiaplasty and Clitoral Hood Reduction Together?

There are many reasons women may opt for a labiaplasty and/or clitoral hood reduction. Some women are looking for that “barbie vagina” to feel confident in tight-fitting clothing and swimwear. Others may experience friction or rubbing while exercising that is […]

09/27/2023  | 

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