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    "My experience with Dr. Shashoua and his staff was absolutely amazing. From the first interaction to the last I felt so comfortable and welcomed. I would without a doubt recommend his office to any and everyone. Such a great atmosphere and my surgery was an absolute success. I have new confidence I didn’t even know existed within myself and I can not wait to wear a bikini this summer. Thank you so much."

    - RealSelf Review

    Real Life Labiaplasty Review

    "Hands down the best experience ever! The whole process has been seamless! From the initial consultation to the final post op checks. Dr. Shashoua’s bedside manner is admirable. He is compassionate and understanding and cares about patient care. Julia was amazing and compassionate during hospital rounds, Kristen attentive with all of my questions and Maranda fast responding to my emails! Now, the results! Amazing! I can’t believe I waited so long! This has been a life changing process for me and I would (have) recommend this office to all of my friends! I am forever indebted to Dr. Shashoua!"

    - RealSelf Review

    Labiaplasty Patient - January 2020

    "The procedure Dr. Shashoua performed gave me relief from the awful discomfort I had been dealing with for quite some time… I'm so grateful to have met Dr. Shashoua."

    - RealSelf Review

    Labiaplasty Revision Patient

    "Friendly, knowledgeable, welcoming. I have always felt comfortable and at ease during every step of the process. Labiaplasty, prolapse repair, partial hysterectomy. Life changing! Extremely satisfied with results so far. I do need a minor revision- but to be expected with the amount of work I had done. Highly recommend Dr. Shashoua and staff."

    - RealSelf Review

    Vaginal Rejuvenation, Labia Majora & Minora Reduction

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