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Labiaplasty is now widely offered at cosmetic surgery centers around the country by surgeons of all specialties, including plastics, gynecologists, and urologists. Patients often seek us out when they are considering furthering reduction of the labia or revision of prior labiaplasty. As a urogynecologist, Dr. Shashoua is uniquely qualified in this field and has performed the labiaplasty procedure for years in the Austin and central Texas area.

You may have initially sought out a labiaplasty procedure after experiencing chronic irritation and discomfort from rubbing and friction of the labia or clitoral hood. Or you wanted to feel more confident in a bikini. If you didn’t get quite the results you were hoping for, then a revision may be a good option for you.

A labiaplasty should result in naturally appearing thin labia that are even in size. At your revision consultation, we will discuss your concerns and come up with a plan for the labiaplasty based on your unique labia and your desired outcome.

Your labiaplasty will be performed safely in the office, which keeps cost down while providing a soothing and comforting environment.

Before the procedure, medications are taken for pain control and relaxation. In addition, a patient-controlled, inhaled analgesic  is administered and a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the labia so that you will be comfortable during the procedure.

The trimming technique is used to reduce the linear portion of the thickened darker skin extending from the opening of the vagina to the clitoral hood. The skin where the clitoral hood meets the labia is then reduced with a wedge technique. This is called a clitoral hood reduction and is the most delicate part of the procedure. It is essential in achieving a natural transition from the clitoral hood to the labia. If the clitoris itself is bulging or drooping, the clitoris is lifted and the bulge is reduced with a clitoropexy.

We recommend taking around a week off work following the procedure.

Before & After

Prior outside labiaplasty, patient felt results were asymmetric and too much tissue was taken from left side

Symmetry achieved, left labial fold reestablished

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While other cosmetic surgery practices work on the entire body, we specialize in labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, clitoropexy, vaginal rejuvenation, labia majora reduction, and vaginoplasty. Our track record and commitment to care is evident in our reviews.

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Our patients share their labiaplasty experiences, from deciding to seek help to getting the procedure at ALVR.

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