Help! My Swimsuit Irritates My “Outie Vagina”

Posted by ALVR | August 18, 2023

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Summers in Texas are all about keeping cool. That means staying hydrated, shaded, and making the mad dash from the shuttle stop to the river float as quickly as you possibly can! But if you’ve been noticing a harsher, intimate chafe as you rush to relief, it may be because your swimsuit and your labia aren’t getting along. And if you’re keeping smart and spending your days through September underwater, that irritation can add up. 

So what’s going on? Even if your normal underwear doesn’t bother your labia, it’s not unusual for the rougher, clingier fabric of a swimsuit to rub you the wrong way. Innie and outie vaginas can both take issue with a swimsuit that’s the wrong fit – especially when combined with wetness, chlorine exposure, and more. But because your labia are made of more delicate skin than your vulva, anyone with a “barbie vagina” will automatically have an easier time with swimsuit fabric.

If you’d like your relationship with your swimwear to change permanently, there are solutions! Our offices offer labiaplasty services by certified personnel, that’ll get you in and out the same day, with just six weeks of recovery. If you’re looking to get the most out of summer activities while we’re in the dog days, we can help you schedule after you’re done with summer fun. However, if you’re strategizing for a white sand Christmas, or even just waiting for the kids to be done with the pools when school’s in, we’ll be happy to see you sooner! 

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