Hymenoplasty vs Hymenectomy… What’s The Difference?

We’ve talked about minimizing the appearance of your hymen, but what if you want to restore or repair your hymen? While a hymenectomy is a procedure to remove hymenal tissue, a hymenoplasty or hymen reconstruction surgery is the process of […]

08/16/2022  | 


What Are Hymenal Tags?

Chances are you’re not here by accident, you’re reading this because you wanted to know: what are hymenal tags? Are they normal? Should they be removed? Does everyone have them? What’s their deal??? You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers.  […]

07/01/2022  | 


Hymenectomy: What To Expect From Hymenal Remnants Removal

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes. That being said, It’s still perfectly natural to look at your vagina and wonder: is it normal?  You might be wondering if that excess […]

04/07/2022  | 


Want To Get Rid Of Hymenal Tags?

If you were born with a vagina, chances are you were also born with a hymen – a thin piece of tissue or membrane that covers the opening of the vagina. From tampon use to masturbation and intercourse, vaginal penetration […]

02/20/2022  | 


Hymenoplasty: What Is The Hymen And Why Restore It?

Let’s start with a little lesson on vaginal anatomy. The hymen is an oval shaped membrane that covers the vaginal opening. It can vary greatly in size and appearance, and clinically speaking it serves no real biological purpose. At a […]

12/23/2020  | 


Everything You Need To Know About Hymenal Remnants

  If you’re like most people, at some point in your life you’ve probably noticed something about your body and wondered, “Is this normal?” Maybe it was a funny looking mole or a bump on your skin. Maybe it was […]

12/16/2020  | 


Q&A – Female Anatomy Explained

We are experts in the female pelvic anatomy, but it turns even the basic information is not widely known. Not to worry! Here, we’ll go over the anatomical details you need to know. Here’s a transcript: – Hi, I’m creating […]

04/15/2020  | 


The Life of Hymen: Hymenal Remnants and Hymenoplasty

You know when you get those Facebook “memories” that show you doing something humiliating from ten years ago? And no matter how old you are now, you feel like you were just shy of babyhood back then? We look different […]

04/08/2019  | 

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