Mons Pubis Reduction


Monsplasty Without Abdominoplasty? Yes, It’s Possible

A monsplasty is the process of removing fatty tissue and excess skin from the mons pubis, the area right above the pubic bone. There are several reasons why the mons pubis might be more noticeable for some women, including the […]

07/19/2022  | 


What’s The Deal With Monsplasty?

Sure, you’ve heard of labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, but have you heard of monsplasty? More formally known as a mons pubis reduction or a pubic lift, monsplasty is the process of removing excess fatty tissue from the mons pubis. The mons pubis […]

07/11/2022  | 


Help! I Hate The Way My “FUPA” Looks In Yoga Pants

If you have spent any amount of time researching vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty you may already be familiar with the term “barbie vagina,” as the phrase has become a popular nickname for describing the appearance of a vagina after undergoing […]

01/28/2021  | 


New Before & After Animations – See the Difference

We have tons of before and after photos for our labiaplasty, labia majora reduction, and monsplasty procedures, which help anyone interested in the surgeries to know what to expect. On top of that, we just added new narrated animations that […]

06/21/2020  | 


Q&A – Female Anatomy Explained

We are experts in the female pelvic anatomy, but it turns even the basic information is not widely known. Not to worry! Here, we’ll go over the anatomical details you need to know. Here’s a transcript: – Hi, I’m creating […]

04/15/2020  | 


The Downlow on the Mons Pubis Reduction / Monsplasty

WHAT (AND WHERE) IS THE MONS PUBIS? The mons pubis is the fatty tissue overlying the pubic bones, primarily situated below the lower abdomen and above the pubic hairline, occasionally referred to as a “FUPA“. WHY WOULD SOMEONE NEED MONS […]

05/23/2019  | 


Mons Pubis Reduction / Monsplasty: What’s Its Function?

What Is a Mons Pubis and Where the Heck Is It? This is a classic example of “there’s a word for that?” The mons pubis is the fatty tissue overlying the pubic bones, primarily situated below the lower abdomen and above […]

04/23/2019  | 

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