Enlarged Clitoris


Why Is it so Important to View Before and After Photos?

Odds are that, if you’re anything like us, you like to do a little research before you spend your hard earned money. If you’re going out for a nice meal, looking at Airbnbs for a weekend getaway, or trying to […]

03/31/2021  | 


Why Is My Clitoris Enlarged And What Can I Do About It?

If you have recently noticed that your clitoris is consistently larger than it used to be, don’t panic. While there are some serious conditions that can lead to prolonged enlargement of the clitoris, more often than not it is a […]

02/17/2021  | 


Clitoropexy vs Clitoral Hood Reduction: Know The Difference

At ALVR, we offer a range of treatments and procedures that address a variety of vaginal conditions and concerns. We understand that pelvic anatomy and terminology can seem a little intimidating to many people, which is why we take extra […]

01/20/2021  | 


How is Testosterone Linked to an Enlarged Clitoris?

Any change to your body can be alarming, but it’s particularly concerning if you notice a change to an area you typically never discuss with anyone other than your partner or most trusted confidants. You might do a quick Google […]

10/15/2020  | 


What Size Clitoris Is Normal?

Just a Tad Bigger? If you’re one of many women taking testosterone to improve energy and libido, increase bone mass, abate hot flashes and promote vaginal moisture, you may have discovered an increase in the size of your clitoral glans. […]

02/15/2019  | 

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