How is Testosterone Linked to an Enlarged Clitoris?

Posted by ALVR | October 15, 2020

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Any change to your body can be alarming. Web MD has taught us nothing if not that everything that isn’t “normal” about your health is potentially fatal. But it’s particularly concerning if you notice a change to an area you typically never discuss with anyone other than your partner or most trusted confidants (if even them). 

If you believe your clitoris has enlarged, you might be hesitant to get answers. However, this is not an uncommon condition and several factors — both natural and not — can contribute. Learning more about these factors is an important first step. 

One of the most common causes for an enlarged clitoris is testosterone therapy. Testosterone can enlarge the area because the clitoris is made of erectile tissue. This type of tissue is directly affected by the testosterone hormone. If your clitoris has enlarged from testosterone, you do have options to reverse the effects. 

Clitoropexy is a procedure designed to lift and reduce the clitoris when it is enlarged, protruding, or drooping. Understandably, patients worry a procedure might negatively impact sensation or arousal of their clitoris. However, the clitoropexy procedure removes excess clitorial tissue without damaging the erectile tissue itself. Sensation and arousal are not impacted.  

Click the image below to watch an animated video of a clitoropexy before and after:

Are you currently undergoing testosterone therapy, such as testosterone pellets, and noticed your clitoris or clitoral hood has enlarged? We recommend you first consult with your hormone specialist and then checkout ALVR’s before and after pictures

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