How Soon Can I Shower After Labiaplasty?

Posted by ALVR | November 15, 2019

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We get questions about showering and bathing after labiaplasty all the time. Is it OK to wash off after my labiaplasty? When can I start swimming? The guidelines are pretty straightforward.



You can shower the same day you get the labiaplasty. In fact, we recommend daily showering, letting the water run over the area to soothe the region. Spread the labial folds to get proper coverage is important here.

Baths are cool too! We recommend warm water baths when there’s more than average swelling, but we recommend rinsing off before and after bathing.

You’re going to have to wait a month before you can swim again. And for a while we’d restrict it to saltwater and chlorinated water, where risky microorganisms are less prevalent. Then it takes about six weeks of recovery before we recommend getting into freshwater.


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