5 Reasons to Schedule Labiaplasty Surgery

Posted by ALVR | October 19, 2019

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Many women spend years thinking about and researching labiaplasty surgery. Some girls start to notice longer labia at a young age, after starting puberty. It can be difficult to talk with parents about such a sensitive subject. Many girls eventually learn there is a treatment option and schedule surgery in their early 20s, after years of contemplation. Others may start to be bothered by a longer or stretched labia in adulthood or following vaginal deliveries.

We hear frequently from patients that they suffered for years, not knowing labiaplasty is an option. Once people learn this can be corrected, the next challenge is knowing which surgeon to go. By all means, this is an intimate procedure and a personal choice and should be given adequate consideration before scheduling. When the labia is so long that it causes pain in spin class, discomfort and bulging in swimsuits, pulling with intercourse, pinching with undergarments, labiaplasty surgery is a great option.

  1. Your labia cause you pain or discomfort. You are always noticing pinching with underwear, pulling with intercourse, or bulging with bathing suites. This excess skin is removed or shortened with labiaplasty, preventing this discomfort!
  2. You don’t like the appearance of the labia, due to how long it is.
  3. You have thought about it for years! The surgery is done in about 3 hours! The post op course for labiaplasty usually includes one week off from work, pain medicine for about a week and about 6 weeks for full clearance from surgery. There are minimal post op restrictions, primarily avoiding intercourse until the incisions are fully healed which is around 6 weeks. One you are healed and cleared; you don’t have to think about that pesky labia anymore.
  4. We have great reviews and reasonable pricing. By performing surgery in the office, patients are able to avoid hospital and anesthesia fees. We have our prep and procedure down to a science to keep you comfy!
  5. Dr. George Shashoua is board certified in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Years of experience, excellent reviews, ample before and after pictures and hundreds of happy ladies. When you’re ready, you have the best surgeon right here in Austin, TX.


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