The 411 On The “FUPA”

Posted by ALVR | August 23, 2023

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Sometimes after weight loss/gain, pregnancy, or just the passing of father time, our bodies change in ways we aren’t always happy with – and that’s okay! One of the more common issues women come to us with is the “FUPA”, also known as the “fat upper pubic area.” Us medical professionals typically refer to it as the “mons pubis.” This collection of fatty tissue just under the abdomen and directly above the pubic hairline can be difficult to target with traditional weight loss methods, and so some women opt for a mons pubis reduction (or “monsplasty” in doctor-speak). 

The term “FUPA” can certainly carry a negative connotation. At ALVR, we don’t condone body-shaming or fat-shaming, all bodies are beautiful! But we do recognize that some women find the FUPA to be uncomfortable, and we want to do what we can to make people feel comfortable in their skin! Many patients come to us looking for the “barbie vagina” or the “designer vagina.” They want to feel sexy and comfortable in tight-fitting clothing like athletic wear, swim-wear, and skirts. Loose skin, stubborn excess fat, and sagging tissue can also interfere with exercise and sexual activity. For these reasons, many women come in for procedures like monsplasty,  labiaplasty, and labia majora reduction to feel happier and healthier. 

With monsplasty, we reduce the bulge of the mons pubis region by strategically removing excess tissue to give that natural, youthful appearance that many of our patients are looking for.  The monsplasty procedure is fairly simple and is performed in an outpatient facility under anesthesia. Typically we tell patients to allow for 1-2 weeks of recovery before getting back into the swing of their normal routines. 

Thinking about kissing the FUPA goodbye? We want to help! Every body is different, so we recommend scheduling a free consultation with our team. In these consultations, we work with you to develop a tailor-made, personalized treatment plan for your specific needs. 




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