What’s The Deal With Monsplasty?

Posted by ALVR | July 11, 2022

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Sure, you’ve heard of labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, but have you heard of monsplastyMore formally known as a mons pubis reduction or a pubic lift, monsplasty is the process of removing excess fatty tissue from the mons pubis. The mons pubis is the area of fatty tissue that’s situated over the pubic bones, just under the lower abdomen and above the pubic hairline. And while we hate the nickname, you may also know the mons pubis by its colloquial nickname: the “FUPA”,  or “fat upper pubic area” (to be clear, we’re never down with fat shaming).  

Women seeking out monsplasty typically feel that their mons pubis is too prominent or bulging, which can be uncomfortable especially when wearing tight pants and clothing. There are several reasons why some women have a more noticeable mons pubis, with aging, genetics, and childbirth all playing significant roles, it can also become more prominent in some women after abdominoplasty. It generally occurs when there is significant weight gain or loss, which causes the skin to protrude. 

The monsplasty procedure is fairly simple and typically performed in an outpatient facility under anesthesia. It involves making a suprapubic incision then removing excess fatty tissue. At Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation, we frequently combine monsplasty with other procedures like labiaplasty, vaginoplasty or labia majora reduction. As you would with any surgery, it’s critical that you give your body time to recover afterwards. We recommend you take 1-2 weeks off from work to recuperate, and will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure everything is healing as it should.

If you don’t live in the Austin area but are interested in having a monsplasty at ALVR, you’re in luck. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, you name it – we see patients from all over for monsplasty (check out the below testimonial by a patient who traveled from Virginia) along with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. If you’re already eager to take a trip to Austin, why not make it a vajay-cay

All out-of-town patients can have a virtual consultation prior to their procedure. Because your consultation will focus on your unique body and goals, we have a secure online portal where you can upload photos ahead of time for us to review during your appointment. The same is true for your follow-up appointment: While we’d prefer to see you in person, we can make it work. And of course, we can also recommend any number of hotels (and restaurants, for that matter!) where you can rest and recuperate following your procedure.  

Curious to learn more? We’re ready if you’re ready. You can contact us with any and all questions and to schedule your free consultation.


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