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Posted by ALVR | September 2, 2017

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Many changes occur within the female body after childbirth. Some women experience changes in the appearance of the vagina and some may notice decreased sensation during intercourse. At Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation we are able to address changes that can occur after delivery and are able to help restore the vaginal anatomy to pre-pregnancy.

Common changes after delivery include enlargement or sagging of the labia minora and majora. Some women may also notice an increase in the size of the vaginal opening. From a functional standpoint, many women complain of decreased friction with intercourse and loss of sensation after childbirth. Although these changes are normal, many women are no longer comfortable or confident and seek treatment to reverse the changes.

Enlarged labia minora and majora can be treated with a procedure called labiaplasty. We at ALVR offer this as an in office procedure under local anesthesia. The morning of your procedure we prescribe medications that help to relax you, and in fact, most patients fall asleep once at our offices. We also inject a numbing medication to the area being treated. After surgery, you will be provided pain medication for any discomfort. We recommend taking 5-7days off of work for comfort purposes. You will be mobile after surgery and we encourage walking, however, you should avoid aggressive activity such as working out, and abstain from intercourse for 6 weeks. Follows up will be scheduled at 2, 6, and 12 week intervals.

Decreased sensation with intercourse and noticing a change in the appearance of the vaginal opening are common concerns after pregnancy. To address these issues we would perform a thorough exam to determine how to restore the vaginal anatomy. Vaginal rejuvenation after childbirth involves tightening the vaginal opening and in some cases repairing the posterior anatomy. Some women may also have vaginal prolapse which occurs due to stretching of the vagina during delivery which would also be addressed and restore normal vaginal anatomy.

Regardless of your post pregnancy concerns, we at ALVR are here to help restore confidence and improve sensation that may have been lost or diminished after childbirth.


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