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Looking Into Labiaplasty? Consider ALVR!

Many women all over the country want to feel secure, sexy, and comfortable in their own skin. After childbirth, weight gain, and the passage of time, often our bodies don’t bounce back like they used to. Whether you are looking […]

09/20/2023  | 


The 411 On The “FUPA”

Sometimes after weight loss/gain, pregnancy, or just the passing of father time, our bodies change in ways we aren’t always happy with – and that’s okay! One of the more common issues women come to us with is the “FUPA”, […]

08/23/2023  | 


Help! My Swimsuit Irritates My “Outie Vagina”

Summers in Texas are all about keeping cool. That means staying hydrated, shaded, and making the mad dash from the shuttle stop to the river float as quickly as you possibly can! But if you’ve been noticing a harsher, intimate […]

08/18/2023  | 


Can Hymenal Remnants Go Away On Their Own?

Our bodies can heal themselves in incredible ways. Broken skin grafts itself back together, blood refills itself after you donate a pint, and canker sores dissipate in a matter of days (Psst. Stop licking it). But not every change in […]

07/14/2023  | 


My Clitoris Is Swollen… Should I Be Concerned?

You’re making a mad dash to the mailbox in the rain, and your vaginal area chafes like it didn’t use to before. You’re settling into some intimate activity, and your clitoris is making a more prominent entrance than usual. Does […]

07/12/2023  | 


Houston vs. Austin: Where Is The Better Labiaplasty?

NASA. Hermann Park. Pelicans. What can we say, H-Town almost has it all!  Almost… The labiaplasty scene in Austin pops just a little bit harder. Of the patients traveling up from the coast to see us in Bat City, Houstonites […]

06/13/2023  | 


San Antonio vs Austin: Where Is The Better Labiaplasty?

Do you give a lot of thought to where you get your medical procedures performed? If it came down to it, how far would you travel to make sure you were in the hands of experts? While our practice can’t […]

06/06/2023  | 


What Kind of Vagina Is Considered “Normal”?

What first formed your standard for what a “normal” vagina looks like? For many people, it was modern pornography, a band camp dare, or comments from a romantic partner. “Innie vaginas” make up what many consider to be the standard: vulvas […]

05/25/2023  | 


What is an Innie Vagina?

Outie Vs. An Innie Vagina It’s pretty easy to tell whether or not you have an “innie” or an “outie” belly button, but how would you know if you have an outie or an innie vagina? It all comes down […]

04/19/2023  | 


Is It Worth Traveling To Austin For a Labiaplasty?

It’s common for us to see patients from all over the country for a labiaplasty. Not only is ALVR a nationally-ranked urogynecology office, but our hometown of Austin, Texas is an extremely popular vacation spot. In fact, we’ve dubbed traveling here […]

03/30/2023  | 


Clitoral Hood and Glans Reduction

Clitoral glans reduction and clitoral hood reduction are procedures that address clitoromegaly, a condition where the clitoris becomes enlarged. Clitoromegaly occurs when a woman has excess testosterone as a result of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or a medical condition. For […]

03/22/2023  | 


How Big Can A Clitoris Get And What Is A “Normal” Size?

Clitoromegaly is when a woman has an enlarged clitoris. While it’s possible to be born with an enlarged clitoris, some women develop clitoromegaly later in life due to hormonal imbalances or testosterone therapy. This raises the question: what’s a “normal” […]

02/28/2023  | 

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