What Happens During an O-Shot Procedure?

Posted by ALVR | July 16, 2021

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Not surprisingly, when people first hear about the O-Shot, it tends to raise eyebrows: getting an injection in your vagina?! If there’s one thing that we can all agree on in this divisive world, it’s that getting a shot isn’t particularly fun. For some, it’s downright terrifying. But, if there’s one other thing that we can all agree on, it’s that orgasms are awesome. Like, really great. So what if getting that shot meant you could have better orgasms for up to a year or more? Maybe it’s not so scary after all?

In all seriousness, if you’re curious about the O-Shot but intimidated by the prospect of the procedure, don’t be. The treatment is non-surgical, virtually painless, and there is no downtime for recovery. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be asked to apply a local anesthetic prior to coming in for your procedure (this will be discussed at your consultation). If necessary, a local injection of anesthetic may also be used.

The O-Shot utilizes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is derived from your own blood – so no need to worry about an allergic reaction or about your body rejecting it – and the procedure begins with a simple blood draw. At Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation we use a state of the art machine to filter the PRP, leaving behind a high concentration of platelets that contain powerful growth factors. The PRP is then injected into the clitoral tissue, and those growth factors immediately begin to stimulate tissue regeneration, collagen production, and blood flow to the area (patients typically notice results right away but the full benefits can take a few weeks to kick-in). 

This has the effect of increasing clitoral and vaginal sensitivity, which increases sexual arousal, vaginal lubrication, and leads to more intense orgasms. For those suffering from sexual dysfunction, the O-Shot can be a big help in improving sexual wellness and creating a more satisfying sex life. While the area may be tender immediately after the injection, patients can typically resume normal activities within a day. 

As you can see, the procedure is really nothing to be afraid of! If you’re interested in learning more about the O-Shot or other vaginal rejuvenation treatments, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.



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