Can Hymenal Remnants Go Away On Their Own?

Posted by ALVR | July 14, 2023

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Our bodies can heal themselves in incredible ways. Broken skin grafts itself back together, blood refills itself after you donate a pint, and canker sores dissipate in a matter of days (Psst. Stop licking it). But not every change in the human body gets resolved on its own—even on the comparatively fast-healing areas of our genitals. That’s how hymenal tags come to form and come to stay. 

Your hymen is a perforated membrane formed around your vaginal opening, and though it’s thin, and meant to be bypassed by menses, penetrative sex, and vaginal childbirth, it’s filled with the same nerves and blood vessels that allow it to communicate sensation and circulation. It’s a common misconception that the tissue simply disappears after being torn—rather it typically heals and shrinks back. However, because your hymen is living tissue, it’s subject to the same normal, yet unexpected phenomena as the rest of your body. 

Sometimes bits of your hymen simply don’t recede back, or they can thicken and lengthen with hormonal changes or age. When hymenal remnants protrude forward both inside and outside of your vagina in a noticeable way, you may be subject to discomfort during tampon insertion or during sexual activity, or displeasure with your vagina’s appearance.  

Whatever your own reasoning is, if you want these remnants removed, our team can help! A hymenectomy is a brief, outpatient surgery that will get the extra tissue out of your way. After a ride home from someone you trust and a six week recovery period, you should be ready to resume operations as normal with no pain and no stress. If you’re ready to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to book a consultation, whether in-office or via video at no cost.




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