Labia Majora Reduction – New Before & After Animations

Posted by ALVR | July 21, 2020

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In order to get a better sense of what the labia majora reduction achieves, we developed two new before and after animations to illustrate just that.

Underside View


  • EN: In this animation we see an enlarged labia majora outlined in pink. The labia majora reduction involves excising excess tissue to reveal a tighter and flatter appearance.
  • ES: En esta animación vemos unos labios mayores amplios delineados en rosado. La reducción de labios mayores implica la extirpación del exceso de tejido para dar una apariencia más apretada y plana.

Front View


  • EN: This animation provides a standing view of an enlarged labia majora. Excess tissue is surgically excised to reduce the size and density of the tissue, resulting in a smaller appearance.
  • ES: Esta animación brinda una vista de pie de los labios mayores agrandados. El tejido excesivo es extirpado quirúrgicamente para reducir su tamaño y densidad, resultando en una apariencia más pequeña.

Before & After

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