When is the best time to get my labiaplasty?

Posted by ALVR | October 9, 2019

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Thinking about getting a labiaplasty but not sure when the right time is? First off, there are several benefits of getting this procedure any time of year: most importantly regaining your confidence!

However, if you are wondering if there is a better time of year or season to have your procedure, read on!

​After researching the labiaplasty procedure, one must consider the six-week post operative recovery when deciding the right time to put their surgery on the books. The popular opinion for the best time to schedule is in the winter months. It not only allows you to cozy up in your warm blankets, binge Netflix, and sip on some hot chocolate during recovery, but it also gets you all ready for spring break and summer!

If you are looking to go on a cruise or to the beach during spring break, consider your procedure in December or January. Maybe you’re planning a big vacation or even thinking about soaking up the sun at Barton Springs over summer, think about scheduling labiaplasty surgery during March or April. However, if you are a winter sports kinda gal, then a labiaplasty in the spring/summer is for you!

Regardless of when you are looking to book, feel free to reach out, ask any questions, and schedule your free consultation. We perform labiaplasty procedures all year long! We hope to see you soon!


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