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Posted by ALVR | May 10, 2022

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Generally speaking, when we refer to vaginal rejuvenation we are often talking about vaginoplasty, i.e. surgical vaginal rejuvenation. However, there’s another popular and effective form of vaginal rejuvenation available here at Austin Labiaplasty & Vaginal Rejuvenation: ThermiVa. ThermiVa uses cutting-edge radiofrequency technology to turn back the clock and restore vaginal tissue. There’s a variety of reasons why vaginal tissue atrophies over time: age is definitely a key part of the equation, but factors like childbirth, menopause, a weakened pelvic floor and other medical conditions can also contribute. Women might notice a change in appearance as a result, but they might also face other symptoms like dryness, irritation or pain during sex. A weakened pelvic floor can also cause women to experience mild incontinence. 

ThermiVa is a good choice for women who might be experiencing more mild symptoms of vaginal atrophy, and it’s a great option for anyone looking for a non-invasive therapy. There’s a whole list of benefits, starting with improved sexual function. By reviving the vaginal canal, it improves sexual sensation and leads to more intense and frequent orgasms during intercourse. It also helps to stimulate the blood flow and increase sensitivity near the clitoris. The end result? Better orgasms.

In addition to improving sexual function, ThermiVa can improve vaginal moisture which increases the softness and thickness of vaginal tissue. It’s also been shown to help improve mild incontinence, and women who recently gave birth sometimes turn to ThermiVa to help restore their vaginal anatomy following labor. The only thing to keep in mind is that unlike other forms of vaginal rejuvenation, ThermiVa requires regular maintenance in the long-term and ThermiVa patients will generally need to repeat the procedure a few times. It might also not be the best option for women experiencing more moderate or severe symptoms of vaginal laxity, or women who have pelvic organ prolapse.

Ready to learn more about ThermiVa? Contact us today to schedule an appointment – we can review  your symptoms and determine the best plan of action for your specific needs.


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