What should healing after labiaplasty look like?

Posted by ALVR | April 30, 2020

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Many women decide to get labiaplasty procedures for differing reasons. Sometimes it’s due to discomfort and sometimes it just because they don’t like the appearance. Regardless of the reason why, everyone wants an ideal outcome after surgery. So how do you know if your surgery healed well?

Many times after surgery the main things patients are concerned with is asymmetry and ridging along the labial border, which commonly occur. Asymmetry is always a possibility post-operatively, regardless of the type of operation you are having. In general, the two sides of our body––though very similar––are not exactly alike. One of our breasts is usually higher or larger than the other. One of your feet may be slightly larger than the other one, and you know the saying about eyebrows: “they’re sisters, not twins.” When it comes to surgery, we try to match both the left and right labia, but in some instances asymmetry can occur. If the irregularity is bothersome, a small labiaplasty revision can typically be performed in the clinic with minimal downtime to address the issue.

Another concern that can arise after surgery is ridging or irregularity along the incision line or skin closure. Our labia naturally have an irregular border and typically are not completely smooth. The ridging at times can be more prominent if there is significant swelling after surgery, but typically small areas of ridging are common and can create a more natural look to the labia.  Again, if patients are concerned or are not happy with the outcome, a small in-office revision can address the issue.

Regardless of the concern post operatively, we at Austin Labiaplasty and Vaginal Rejuvenation strive for 100% satisfaction from our patients.  If there are any concerns at any time during your recovery or if you are a patient with a previous labiaplasty and aren’t 100% satisfied, we’re here to help you ultimately get the outcome you want and deserve.



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