Are There Medical Benefits to a Barbie Vagina?

Posted by Kevin Talley | August 17, 2020

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Labiaplasty has gone mainstream, becoming a favorite topic of women’s health and lifestyle blogs. But online articles are only as good as their eye-catching titles, so you may have noticed labiaplasty write-ups using the buzz phrase, “Barbie vagina” (we’ve also seen “designer vagina” and “nymphoplasty” – what will they come up with next!). 

The term Barbie vagina was coined in reference to the famously smooth downstairs of Barbie dolls. In labiaplasty, a Barbie vagina is when the labia minora is reduced so that it is completely concealed under the labia majora. This gives the pelvic region a smooth look when wearing a bathing suit or tight-fitting clothing. However, it’s important to understand that a Barbie vagina can deliver both cosmetic and medical results.

For many women, an enlarged labia minora doesn’t just cause embarrassment but very real discomfort. Patients frequently cite experiencing painful pulling during intercourse due to an enlarged labia minora. Another common complaint is a pinching sensation while wearing tight clothing or during exercise, which can make it difficult to maintain a regular fitness regiment. Coupled with the renewed confidence, a Barbie vagina can provide relief from persistent discomfort.  

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